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Posted Thursday May 13, 2010

May 13 Things You Need to Know

     Are we choking off the money supply to AQ and what sort of threat is emerging from AQIM? Hard to say, but one thing is for certain the DPRK now has done Nuclear Fusion, it speaks to what Brett has often said, DPRK or Myanmmar having a nuke is akin to the Crips or the Bloods or other street gangs carrying nukes, they are all criminal enterprises with limited moral compasses. Avigdor Lieberman says that Syria tried to smuggle DPRK weapons to the Hezbos and Hamas. 

     Heads up border dwellers, Texas DPS authorities are warning that the cartels are going to get brutal, ESPECIALLY brutal on May 15-17th, they are warning against the wearing of black shirts as this will be the color of the day for Mexi-trigger men.  Maybe if more of our fellow citizens and welfare recipients quit smoking the junk these bastards peddle, we'd have an impact but what do I know, I am not a pothead. LeT remains active, trying to recruit killers, my intel sources tell me that something big, a la Mumbai is coming down the pike.

     Speaking of murderous thugs, the Russkies are busily squiring the Hamas an and Hezbo killers in the negotiations with BHO and Israel.  Speaking of Negotiations, BHO is now greenlighting Afghan negotiations with the Taliban. This is dangerous and stupid. Be sure to hear the Hour 2 of Tonight's show when I let it rip! BTW, one of those thugs that Karzai and Barrio want to talk to is Gulbuddin Hekmatyr,whose group, Hizb I Islami just got popped in Kabul plotting attacks.

     Finally if you are going to offend the Islamists, go big, Lars Vilks big, he is now giving speeches in Sweden and showing a video of Muhammed walking into a gay bar, he is doing it in front of Muslims. If it were Jesus and not Muhammed, the NEA would give him a grant, but its Mohammed so the Islmists are issuing Fatwas.

Keep Listening and Keep Reading!


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Posted Tuesday March 30, 2010

Russia Worried Jihad is Coming to the Motherland

A change in tactics among Chechnya's militants is threatening to bring their nationalist fight to the heart of Russia's cities, terrorism analysts fear.The warning came as Russian investigators said they believed Chechen rebels were responsible for Monday's twin suicide bombings in Moscow's subway network that killed at least 39 people.The Russia-Chechnya conflict dates back nearly 20 years, with Chechens having laid claim to land in the Caucasus Mountains region. Thousands have been killed and 500,000 Chechen people have been displaced from the fighting. The area is located in the North Caucasus region of Russia between the Black and Caspian seas.
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Posted Monday March 29, 2010

Chechen Black Widows Blamed for Bombings in Russia

At least 35 people were killed by twin explosions at the height of the rush hour in what appears to be Chechen separatists' latest salvo in their long-running battle for independence in Russia's northern Caucasus. Russian officials said the blasts were a "terrorist act carried out by female suicide bombers. Chechens, the majority of whom are Sunni Muslims, regard the region as their ancient homeland, while Moscow fears the creation of an independent Muslim-majority state in its midst and has refused to grant any real autonomy.

BBC reports on the motive for such attakcks The question of why these women have been prepared to take their own lives in order to kill others has been given a partial explanation.Two of the women who joined the Moscow theatre siege are reported to have been sisters seized from their homes in a Chechen village by Russian soldiers and gang-raped.

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Posted Tuesday January 26, 2010

Bolshoi of the Day! Russia looks to Rebuild ASTAN with our $$

 According to RIA Novisiti

Russia is ready to help reconstruct Afghanistan, but it is up to Western countries to come up with the funds, a Russian newspaper reported on Wednesday, quoting Russia's envoy to NATO. The respected Kommersant business daily said more than 140 industrial facilities and pieces of infrastructure built in Afghanistan by Soviet specialists were candidates for reconstruction using Russian expertise. 


Truly a WTF moment People!

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Posted Monday December 7, 2009

Stories I am Watching Today

 Great analysis on the Sex Trafficking Industry, these slavers run more like cellular organizations, think Al Qaeda, than hierarchical structures like a mafia. This makes interdiction and penetration all that much harder. 

So what exactly was McChrystal's mission in Afghanistan, according to hacks inside the Obama administration (where to begin!) it was not to kill the Taliban. 

we know why this may be, Obama admin wants to TALK to the Taliban. 

Today Copenhagen begins, look at all the limos, private jets and caviar wedges...hypocrisy they name is statism. 

BTW, were the Russians behind the CRU hacking?


Tonight's show is going to rock! 


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Tired of the Media Pretendeing Jihad isn't well-- JIHAD! 

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